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E.B.V., Czech Republic

"Thank you so much. Yes, you solved these places for me! And I also appreciate your analytical approach to my questions -- and a colourful one too." (May 2020)

H. Alex. <helenkats16@gmail.com>
"Thank you so much. I got a commendation in my thesis on 'apps'. I am so pleased." (January 2016)
I.S., Glasgow
"Thank you for your help and making my story read a lot better." (December 2017)
L.B., Bupa Healthcare, London
"Edward is always very professional, reliable and 100 percent committed to the work he does for us here at Bupa. Most importantly, Edward has an excellent understanding of our in-house production and referencing guides, which allows him to correct and amend work accordingly."
L.B., Bupa Healthcare, London (October 2016)
H.T., London
"I'm really impressed with the edit." (June 2015)
C.W.K., Cambridge
"I'd like to tell you that I am very happy with your high standard of work." (February 2015)
D.P., London
"Apollocommunication helps reduce the stress of writing as I know you will spot my mistakes so I can get on with writing.
it helps to get better marks, not only grammar mistakes are corrected, also style is improved.
Makes my work more readable and clear. As English is not my first language, I don't have to waste hours checking not only grammar but the use of correct prepositions, which will not be spotted by spell checking." (June 2015)
W.Y., London
"That looks great. I am very happy with the edited version. Thanks for your work" (May 2017)