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Editing and proofreading are essentials for a candidate who has to submit a thesis or dissertation. Many degree courses use a dissertation as a concluding form of study for a candidate to obtain a grade that will contribute to their professional qualification(s). Candidates have to employ academic skills in relation to their own disciplines. These skills include collating and assimilating information that is then used in the various sections of the completed project.

If you have an appointed supervisor for your dissertation, it is important to establish if you have a set schedule in place for meetings with your supervisor. A more important factor to consider is whether your supervisor is approachable and reassuring.

Editing is essential in the production of a dissertation. It is important that the typescript is checked word for word, that quotations are accurate and checked against the originals, that page numbers are supplied where quoted text is given, and that footnotes are in sequence and checked for accuracy.

Most UK proofreaders can provide this service, but it is important to choose an accredited company like Apollo Communication for the best results. Candidates who ask for proofreading of their dissertation are really requesting that the entire project be checked for all kinds of errors. These errors may include typos (literals) or incorrectly typed words, missing words, repeated words or phrases, and bad word breaks.

It's been said that proofreading is akin to spring cleaning. You spring clean your house and the place is now spick and span, until your friends arrive and notice corners and crevices that have been missed.

It's not always possible to spot mistakes in a document that you have been working on for a long time. In fairness, spotting mistakes in your own writing is not easy; misspelt words, confused meanings in the text and inconsistencies are just some of the errors that can be rectified by a fresh pair of eyes. Spell-checkers are not really the answer as elementary errors can be missed, even when a document is read aloud.

Publication errors can change the meaning of what is implied in a sentence and can be embarrassing for the author and the reader alike.

Here are some errors that have appeared in journals and websites:
  • company headquartered are in the USA (UK website)
  • they waved their claim for a better deal (Finance journal)
  • some people continued to flaunt the law (US website)
  • Mrs Mason is a heroin, who deserves our gratitude (The Spectator)
It is errors like these that professional editing and proofreading can address at fast turnaround times.