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Website Proofreading & Editing

Enjoy premium-quality proofreading & editing services when you choose Apollo Communication, provides comprehensive website proofreading & editing services.

Why is Website Proofreading Important?

When it comes to websites, it is vital for textual content to be interesting and engaging to visitors. Words and phrases should be correct in their meaning and in their appropriateness for the requirements of the site.

People read websites considerably faster than written content, racing from one heading to another and one paragraph to the next in order to find the information they want.

The Specificity of Web Content

Given the versatility of websites and the ease with which online texts can be adjusted, it is only natural that errors may occur when contracts and business proposals are changed in a web page.

As part of our fast and reliable service, our copy-editors correct all types of errors that may appear in a website:

  • Typos (literals)
  • Bad word breaks
  • Spelling mistakes

Tailored to Your Needs

To ensure that your website reflects the image of your business, Apollo Communication will produce content of the highest standard, which is delivered promptly and free of inconsistencies and typographical errors.

Our thorough proofreading/editing service does not entail a rewrite of a document, nor does it change the style of the text.